Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who are Top Dj Drops?

A: We are a part of Jingles and Promos Ltd. We also operate and

Q: Why should I use Top Dj Drops?

A: Put very simply, if you would like to stand out from your peers, this is the place to come to create your own high quality drops or sound, of industry-focussed identity. Your jingles will be designed by experts in the audio production business.

Q: Will my payment be secure?

A: Yes, all payments go through Paypal, meaning 100% security with full refund if you have any issue with the order that wasn't resolved

Q: What if I don't like the final job

A: We do revisions to suit your need or taste if the first delivery needs some fix. We will do the remix just for you.

Q: How long do jingles takes to be produced?

A: 24hours maximum, mostly between 6hours and 12 hours, depending on the nature of the job and the voice talents schedule.

Q: How do you deliver the jingles?

A: Mostly through your preferred e-mail address or even whatsapp number.

Q: How many voice talents can I choose?

A: Any number…up to the number of talents we currently have.

Q: What languages to you operate in now?

A: We now voice anything in English, Spanish and Akan.

Q: What if my name is not familiar to the voice talents?

A: No worries at all, with ISDN, we will coach them to pronounce it well.

Q: What is a dry voice and a wet voice?

A: Dry voice means vocal sound only, wet voice is when the vocal is mixed with sound effects?

Q: What makes you different from your competitors?

A: Top Dj Drops, we offer you nothing, but the best. Our voice talents and sound engineers are experienced in what they do. We offer you the best with the most affordable rates around. We are also very open in negotiating prices with you. More importantly, we are here to see you go happily with our products, rather than we getting money in the wallet. There’s no such thing as joyful as to see a client happy about a job done