Hello, I am Kwame Adu Mxngee

...a radio host ,a producer & a voice talent,I create anything I find interesting!

The above audios couldn't have been made possible without the coaching,  guidance and the undeniable support of some of the great imaging producers the world has ever had.

-Ryan Drean 

-Scott Lanter

-Jeff Straub

-Mike Wagner

-Grant Schmitt

-Justin Hibbard

-Randy Morrison

-Mike Russell

-Ian Sturgeon

-Justin Case

-Andreas Sannemann

-Chris Nicoll

-Rick Party

-Pat Garret

-Adam Schneider

-Bryan Apple

-Chris kendall

-Dan Harper

-Nathan Lang

-Countless people behind the scenes- (since 2011 to 2017)

I am always grateful to you family!!

They taught me imaging from scratch to the light without a penny.

-Kwame is thankful!!